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Guess who's back :P

Hai guise, been awhile since I've been on WoW due to...Life happening...y'all know how that is I'm sure. Well it looks like our little guild has grown a bit, but we're still missing some tanks. So if you'd like to come join us, send an ingame application via mail to either Lunati, Happykiller or Mookin and we'll get back to ya. We're looking to recruit any 70s, preferably tanks/heals. Will check out your armory but please let us know what your experience has been so far, raids you have done in the past, if you enjoy arena/bgs (as we do a fair ammount of PvP as well).


New site

After discussing with the other founders (the ones that remain, anyway), I've made us a new website:

Here it is!

It's still a work in progress, as you can see. All the same, we'll have several people working on it, and hopefully it'll be something to look at by the time we're finished!

...dear God, it's late. *crashes*

Website: Guildomatic?

I was recently pointed at a website called Guildomatic. I've seen a few guilds using it - it's basically a webhost that offers hosting exclusively to WoW guilds, not unlike our own.

There is a free package that includes things like forums, rosters, item links that show what it is when you mouseover it... some pretty neat stuff that we can't get here on the guild blog. Of course, all you get is a subdomain, and a bunch of ads... both of which which kinda make us look like noobs.

$5/month gets us no ads, a raid calendar (!), guild applications/recruitment, and some other stuff. There's another pricing level beyond that which I don't think we'd need to use, as it's more for the hardcore types. DKP and all that. They also offer Ventrilo servers, but we currently have one, courtesy of our dear friend Fooz. <3

I know there was talk earlier of making our own website. This guild blog is kinda nice, but honestly, it's not what people are looking for, it's not (currently) very intuitive, and it's not something that people are using. I don't know that anyone even intends to sign up for LJ who wasn't already.

Our dear Lunati is an accomplished web designer, and I know that she can do better than this EZ-Template nonsense, but... with everyone as stressed and overworked as we all are, there's hardly any sense in putting more time and effort into this website than necessary. With some custom graphic design, our own domain name, and a small monthly fee to remove the ads, we can avoid looking like scrubs, and end up with a decent website with very little time and money spent. I am willing to donate both of these resources to the cause, by the way. I'm not half bad with photoshop, I know a decent domain registrar, and am willing to fork over some of the monthly dough necessary to pay for the "Basic Package".

I am supporting this very strongly because, in my opinion, having these features available to us will improve our guild by quite a bit.
  • Improves Morale: With a dedicated website, our guild members may feel like we are competent and professional. And - through the forums - their feelings will be easily heard.
  • Improves Communication: Through the Raid Calendar, we can organize awesome events beforehand. Also, with the forums, we can leave messages for our guildmates, and send guild-wide announcements, something that's difficult at best with our current setup.
  • Improves Recruiting: Potential recruits may be impressed by a well-made website. Also, with the "guild applications" function, we can pre-screen applicants who choose to use it, and can technically be "recruiting" even when we're not online.
At the least, it's something for us to investigate, I think. I'd like to hear any opinions, either directly, or in the comments here.

Gearing myself

Just a quick update on my plans to get geared up...

Currently in the process of finishing my Primal Intent set (need lots more Primal Might!) and my eyes have turned to the Fel Skin set. I had originally intended to pick up a few pieces of Wastewalker for the 2-piece bonus (+Hit ftw), but now I'm not so sure. The only problem with the Fel Skin set is that it severely lacks Stamina. That's... unfortunate. Maybe I'll stick with the original plan.

Or... maybe I'll combine the two plans and get some Wastewalker (Helm and... maybe Shoulders, but they're kinda ugly) and just the Fel Skin gloves and boots (because they kick the shit out of my blues).

I guess that's now my plan. It's a lot of work, but I hope to be fully geared up by the time we get moving again. I'll also be working to make sure that everyone else in-guild is the same way.

  • Wastewalker Armor
  • Primal Intent (75% complete)
    • 4 Primal Might
      • 4 Primal Air
      • 4 Primal Fire
      • 4 Primal Water
      • 4 Primal Earth
      • 4 Primal Mana
    • 1 Primal Nether
  • Fel Skin
    • 14 Fel Hide
    • 14 Primal Shadow (joy)
And that's where I stand right now.

If anybody has any critiques or suggestions, let me know.


If there's one good thing I can say about the Alliance is that some of them know how to party.

I wish our server (or, hell, our Guild) was big enough to allow for this kind of stuff.

Go go Armory + a few Rules

Guild Armory Link

It's been awhile, figure I update here. We're still looking for more prot. spec'd warriors and paladins for raiding, used to do Kara and ZA all the time, most of us are geared for Gruuls and Mag. and we certainly have experience. Of course, we haven't been able to get much done as of late due to recruitment slowing down so if yourself or a friend want to come join in on our epic adventures, leave a message with Mookin, Lunati, Deenjaba or Happykiller and we'd be happy to take you under our wing. We do have a few rules, and they are as follows:

-First and foremost, be kind and respectful to fellow guildmates. We don't care if you're decked in BT epics and are excellent at what you do, if you're a dick there are several other guilds on D'thul that would be better suited to you. Gear and experience take time to obtain but attitude is harder to work on, we are a community of friends, so all we ask is don't be a jerk.

-Don't raid the guild bank. Just ask if you want some of our higher end goodies, and we'd be glad to take them out for you (donations are optional, but encouraged). We're saving for our final guild bank tab (currently have 5/6). There is no reason a lvl 40 should be taking out Darkmoon Faire cards or Void Crystals, if you're found taking out things you don't need for profit on the Auction House you will be caught! We have logs, so don't think you can get away with it.

-If you're a lowbie, do not constantly ask people to run through Azeroth Instances. This is not a good way to make friends. Many of our members are usually doing stuff when they're on, whether busy in arena, bgs, raiding, or other instances themselves, but usually there will be a few people on who will be happy to run you through a low level instance. Ask nicely, don't expect anything but we are here to help, so if you legitimately need help with a quest or instance ask nicely and someone will be glad to help (if they aren't tied up).

And that's all for now, I'll post more later.

Dusk to Dawn Does Romeo and Juliet

We have Kara videos now, omg :o Thanks Korath <3

And this blog needs more love~


Leatherworking: Penultimate Update

Well, after finally getting some stuff sorted out, I got things working.

You can check out my new leatherworking list here. Bask in its easy-to read, low-contrast glory!

If anybody has any other suggestions on how to improve my list, feel free to comment here. :3

Of note to most people is the "Item Enhancement" section, which used to be the "Consumables" section. Blizzard felt the need to separate the armor kits from the [Comfortable Insoles], I guess. Anyway, there are kits for many different classes in there, so have a look if you need a leg enchant. Also, under "Bags", I now have [Reinforced Mining Bag] and [Leatherworker's Satchel]. I'm sure somebody will find use for these, and the mats for them aren't terribly hard to get.

Almost there

I have a new-and-current list of my Leatherworking patterns... at home. Where I am not.

It's superbly organized, and I freely admit that I did not do it by hand. However, it's an HTML file. In theory, I could edit it so that it would fit within an LJ post, but even then, it may be too long - do these things have an upper limit?

I realize that I'm just about the only person who can benefit from Leatherworking now (with the possible exception of Harpy), but it must be done. There are some armor kits that are worthwhile for any class, even if the gear I make is useless to all the 70s.

I'll be posting it here as soon as I upload it somewhere. It's nothing superb visually, but it works. Keep an eye on this post, as it will be edited accordingly.