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Leatherworking: Penultimate Update

Well, after finally getting some stuff sorted out, I got things working.

You can check out my new leatherworking list here. Bask in its easy-to read, low-contrast glory!

If anybody has any other suggestions on how to improve my list, feel free to comment here. :3

Of note to most people is the "Item Enhancement" section, which used to be the "Consumables" section. Blizzard felt the need to separate the armor kits from the [Comfortable Insoles], I guess. Anyway, there are kits for many different classes in there, so have a look if you need a leg enchant. Also, under "Bags", I now have [Reinforced Mining Bag] and [Leatherworker's Satchel]. I'm sure somebody will find use for these, and the mats for them aren't terribly hard to get.