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Gearing myself

Just a quick update on my plans to get geared up...

Currently in the process of finishing my Primal Intent set (need lots more Primal Might!) and my eyes have turned to the Fel Skin set. I had originally intended to pick up a few pieces of Wastewalker for the 2-piece bonus (+Hit ftw), but now I'm not so sure. The only problem with the Fel Skin set is that it severely lacks Stamina. That's... unfortunate. Maybe I'll stick with the original plan.

Or... maybe I'll combine the two plans and get some Wastewalker (Helm and... maybe Shoulders, but they're kinda ugly) and just the Fel Skin gloves and boots (because they kick the shit out of my blues).

I guess that's now my plan. It's a lot of work, but I hope to be fully geared up by the time we get moving again. I'll also be working to make sure that everyone else in-guild is the same way.

  • Wastewalker Armor
  • Primal Intent (75% complete)
    • 4 Primal Might
      • 4 Primal Air
      • 4 Primal Fire
      • 4 Primal Water
      • 4 Primal Earth
      • 4 Primal Mana
    • 1 Primal Nether
  • Fel Skin
    • 14 Fel Hide
    • 14 Primal Shadow (joy)
And that's where I stand right now.

If anybody has any critiques or suggestions, let me know.