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Karazhan, and a welcome to new members.

Well.... it happened much sooner than I expected it too.

Foozer and friends have gotten together with us. Welcome all of you, I hope all goes well. Remember be kind, fair and honest with everyone. Also remember we're all skittish, and rather shy, so if you're worried and have butterflies in your stomach, you aren't alone. You seem like nice people, hopefully we'll get along. It's a leap of faith for us to share this guild, hopefully we won't disappoint you.

Now for the people who haven't done Karazhan.... I've dug up some instructional videos on it and the wowwiki page, so take a look if you wish. Strategies will vary for us, but they look interesting. I know Mukat and Greedence are cackling madly about this and think the rest of us will die a horrible death, so have fun :)

And for those of us who aren't keyed yet I guess we'd better hurry up ^-~

Two things.

zomg guild merge and ...

...that explains everything.

Hallow's End

First of all, I made a tinyurl for our guild page here. You can now reach us at http://tinyurl.com/2lnbae . This will save us some space when we put it in the guild notice.

Also, for those that haven't, you might want to do the quest Hallow's End Treats for Spoops! It gives a bunch of Hallow's End Pumpkin Treats, and gives you the right to buy them whenever you wish. This is a fun thing to do, because they transform you. The quest is easy, like all orphan-based quests - go visit all the Horde Cities, and get candy from each of the innkeepers. The only "hard" part is riding your mount over to Sen'Jin cuz there's no FP.

Happy Hallow's End!


This guy drops some pretty sweet stuff, and I thought y'all would be interested in knowing how we go about getting some.

Where to find him: The Graveyard wing of Scarlet Monastery, there is a Pumpkin Shrine in the centre of the Forlorn Cloister there.

Summoning: Upon clicking the Pumpkin Shrine, you'll get a quest [70] Call the Headless Horseman.

Behind the shrine is a Loosely Turned Soil mound that you can click to turn in the quest. It is a daily quest, so each person can only do it once a day. A group of five can do it five times if each player takes turns completing the quest, however, the Horseman can be summoned every hour by each player, instead of every day. The summoning and the quest turn in are different.

There are three parts to the fight, listed below:

[1] : The Horseman will appear and immediately charge the person who lit the candle, at this point the tank should take aggro. It will use a skill called Cleave which is similar to a Felguard's, while he does this, go all out on dps. Right before he is about to die, he'll become Immune and will toss his head. After a bit the head will become targetable and it will float around eerily. Quickly dps the head, when it gets low on hp it will go back to the Horseman's body for part 2 of the fight.

[2] : Whoever has the highest threat at this point will be charged by the Horseman, instead of using Cleave, he will now use Conflagration on the group, and Whirlwind when he tosses his head. The group should spread out and focus on the head. When the head gets to about 30% hp, the final part begins.

[3] : This time, he starts tossing Pulsing Pumpkins, four to be exact, which spawn Pumpkin Fiends. After a few seconds, they will heal. They each have about 10k health and can crit for 1k. The tank should take aggro of these Pumpkins while the rest of the group continues to dps the Horseman. When he dies, he's really gone, and the Pumpkins he spawned will die as well.


Weighted Jack-o'-Lantern 70%
The Horseman's Signet Ring 55%
Swift Magic Broom 34%
Magic Broom 34%
Ring of Ghoulish Delight 26%
Witching Band 18%
Hallowed Helm 18%
Swift Flying Broom 9%
Flying Broom 9%
Sinister Squashling
The Horseman's Helm

Holy crap.

Allow me to simply say that this is on my list of things to own someday.

2000g? Well, maybe for my 40th birthday. ._.

I think that this is going to make a lot of people happy. We're going to see a lot more of the Steamvaults from now on


Instance Runs for All~

So, we're slowly starting getting used to higher level instances, and have a couple of level 70 type ones under our belts now.

Our core people are all in their sixties or sitting at seventy now, and the not so frequents at lower levels (don't worry guys, we'll help you along the way if you need it) on that note, I'm looking forward to them speeding up Azeroth leveling, it's rather stinky.

What I'm wondering about is instance runs, how often do you guys want to do them? Whens a good time to start? How long do you think they'll last? Whatever we decide now we'll probably continue for a bit, and help set a pattern when we hit Karazhan content and higher.

I personally think we should start earlier, around nine at latest, eight or seven server time if possible. Possibly doing instances every other night, or something closer to that. Leave comments I want to hear from you guys, that reminds me, I need to poke Mukat with a stick so he reads these things.

Also, lets try to avoid repeating the same place twice in a row unless we're doing practice runs, I don't want everyone to be bored to tears and ready to cry in agony from playing.


Ramparts and Busy-ness

Just as a heads-up, I'm almost done with all my Hellfire quests. I wanted to do them all because they're going to turn grey eventually, which can't be said for most of the rest of Outland. In any case, I still haven't done the Ramparts yet. Dunno if any of you need to do anything there, but you're all welcome to join me, whenever it is that I go.

Additionally, I'm bogged down with stuff right now and haven't finished my LW list. I'm pushing to get my shit done before the end of the week, so that I might have a period of time where I don't have anything due in the immediate future >.>

Thanks for bearing with me, at any rate.


About Guild Ranks

I was asked to sum up the guild ranks for everyone, since not everyone will know what the various privileges/disadvantages are.

The ranks!Collapse )

These are the ranks as they are now, if you have any suggestions on what to change, leave a comment. :)

Lunati's Jewelcrafting Recipes

Oh so you want my list of stuff? Here's ALL my jewelcrafting recipes, I'll update as time goes on. And omg was this a giant list, thank god for /chatlog x.x;

Update 12/19/2007: Added Runed Living Ruby to the list, and also changed links over to wowhead, since armory is being stinky and crashing people's computers.

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