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Dusk To Dawn

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Dusk to Dawn [H] Drak`thul
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Community for Dusk to Dawn, a Horde Guild on the Drak'thul Realm
Dusk to Dawn is the friendliest, most helpful guild on Drak'thul. We're the tightest motherfuckas around and we like to have fun. Wanna join us? PM any of the officers when they're on (Mookin, Lunati, Deenjaba, Happykiller) and we'll give ya an interview then you can join our ranks. Beta Wolf or higher? Here's our recruitment notice:

"Dusk to Dawn is a fun, active guild recruiting friendly, mature people for heroics, raids & pvp. We are trying to get more tanks and healers together to start raiding again. LFM to join us. Female friendly guild w/ female officers. Have vent. Join the night life!"


Pup: Fresh recruitments.
Scout: Regular members, limited Guild Bank access.
Omega: The Punishment rank, members who are acting up will be temporarily placed here and muted.
Alt: The alt of a Beta, Elder or Scout.
Beta Wolf: Can recruit, access to the consumable and tradeskill tabs.
Elder Wolf: Long-timers, folks who have been with us awhile and have special loot benefits.
Guardian: The alt of an Alpha.
Alpha Wolf: An Officer. Speak to them if you have any questions or concerns or would like something from the guild bank that you cannot get out yourself.
Den Mother: Guild Leader, Mookin or Lunati.


  • First and foremost, be kind and respectful to fellow guildmates. We don't care if you're decked in BT epics and are excellent at what you do, if you're a dick there are several other guilds on D'thul that would be better suited to you. Gear and experience take time to obtain but attitude is harder to work on, we are a community of friends, so all we ask is don't be a jerk.

  • Don't raid the guild bank. Just ask if you want some of our higher end goodies, and we'd be glad to take them out for you (donations are optional, but encouraged). There is no reason a lvl 40 should be taking out Darkmoon Faire cards or Void Crystals, if you're found taking out things you don't need for profit on the Auction House you will be caught! We have logs, so don't think you can get away with it.

  • If you're a lowbie, do not constantly ask people to run you through Azeroth Instances. This is not a good way to make friends. Many of our members are usually doing stuff when they're on, whether busy in arena, bgs, raids, or other instances themselves, but usually there will be a few people on who will be happy to run you through a low level instance. Ask nicely, don't expect anything but we are here to help, so if you legitimately need help with a quest or instance ask nicely and someone will be glad to help (if they aren't tied up).

    On the server and wanna join us? Fill out your Application here!